Booklover's Delight: Must-Have Books for Every Personality

Books for Every PersonalityThere’s nothing like a good book to curl up with when the days are long and the nights are cold. Couple a good story with a hot cup of tea and you’re set for hours on end. Do you get off on the thrill of a horrific murder mystery? Or do you find yourself lost and immersed whenever your favorite character goes on a crazy quest to survive the struggles of everyday life? Whether you like to go on wild adventures in imaginary lands or you enjoy a good cry with a tale that comes from the heart, a good book never fails to keep people of all personalities and all tastes entertained. Here are just a few recommendations on the stories you should absolutely have on your shelf.

The Clueless Consumer’s Guide to Buying the Right Printer

Guide to Buying the Right PrinterWhen it comes to printers, the wide variety of choices in the market makes it difficult for the clueless consumer to choose the best one that suits him. With the saturation of printers out there today, from different types and features to various functions and designs, how do you decide which one to buy? It’s important to know the features of printers, the types that you should be aware of, and the kind of personality and lifestyle that you have. What will you be using your printer for? Is it to print office documents, or to create hard copies of colorful photo masterpieces? With a little help from our handy guide, you can easily pick one that you’ll be happy and satisfied with for a long, long time.

Store Spotlight: Boscov’s

Boscovs Store SpotlightHaving just celebrated its 100th birthday, Boscov’s Department Store has been bringing joy to customers the only way it knows how—with a personal touch. With over a billion in revenues and 8,000 employees, Boscov’s is truly one of the giants of the retail industry. But despite all that, 85-year-old Albert R. Boscov still makes it a point to personally greet customers and coworkers any given working day. Aside from the valuable way it treats its consumers, Boscov’s has more reasons why customers have stayed loyal to the brand throughout the years. Here are just a few of them.

Store Spotlight: David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a Delight

They say that momma’s cookies are always the best, but what if that same home-baked freshness was brought to you by none other than David’s Cookies?

David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a DelightWhen did it all begin? Flashback to 1979: boutique cookie stores lined the West Coast and nobody could take one step without smelling the fragrant aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air. This is when David Liederman, rising New York chef, began his quest to bring his oven fresh and adorably shaped cookies to Manhattan passersby. The generous chunks of chocolate and the finest ingredients made his creations an instant hit, especially the worldwide bestselling cookie tins. The Fresh Baked Cookies 2-lb. Tin in Assorted Flavors comes at $33.95 and free shipping, which is an amazing steal considering the scrumptious treat has no added preservatives and is the perfect gift for any office team.

Essentials of Biking

There’s something about biking that just frees the body and soul. It’s a great way to stay in shape, it’s low-impact, and it’s very friendly to the environment. Plus, it also helps you get places without worrying about parking and gas. Need we say more? But as with any new sport, you need to know the basics before you get started. What are the things you need to buy? How can you prepare for the tracks? And more importantly, how do you stay safe and have fun at the same time?

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsWhen it comes to nails, women often only think about manicures and pedicures without fully grasping what nail care truly means. It’s not all about painting nails in pretty colors—nail care means maintaining healthy nails that are properly pampered and moisturized to prevent them from breaking. Because nails are often neglected, most people have no clue on how to give nails the right kind of treatment. We’ve got the lowdown on the do’s and dont's so that your nails can finally get the proper TLC they deserve.

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and Types

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and TypesIf you’ve always daydreamed about strutting the runway and the red carpet with the same gorgeous locks as your fave celebs, you’ve probably strived your whole life trying to make your hair grow as fab as theirs. But here’s the secret to having a stylish head of hair without spending all your money on extravagant hair care regimens: wigs. Gone are the days when all people think about when you mention wigs is a balding old man. Nowadays, wigs and hair extensions are used by people everywhere and for all occasions, from weddings to photo shoots to elegant evening balls. But just because it’s as common as a haircut doesn’t mean you can go ahead and use wigs without knowing the first thing about them. Here’s a handy guide on the basics of wigs so that you too can flip those locks with the confidence of a Hollywood star.

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little Kids

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little KidsOne of the incredible joys of parenthood is getting to dress up your little baby in the most adorable outfits and getups for all occasions. Sure, it’s easy when your baby is just a cute little bundle of joy who will pretty much let you dress him or her up in anything your heart desires, but when the toddler grows and becomes a little child, it gets harder and harder to get the right size and style that they won’t outgrow in a heartbeat. Fret not—from sizes to styles to smart money-saving tips, this guide will keep your head in the game when it comes to your kids’ apparel.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal Style

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Each key piece should speak your style, from the enormous center table down to the tiniest corner design of your rug. Are you quirky? Classic? Vintage? Conservative? Do you like to have fun with wild and loud colors, or do you like to stick to timeless pieces that have been passed down through generations? People will always get a sense of who you are with the way you style your private space, and this guide will help you personalize furniture in your cozy little home to match who you truly are inside.

Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Together

Forget the boring roses, the overhyped chocolates, and the giant teddy bears that will eventually take up unnecessary space in your house. They say Valentine’s Day is overrated, but who says you need to go with the flow? When it comes to expressing your feelings for your loved ones on this very special occasion, here’s how you can skip the tacky gifts and get creative.

Beating the Mid-Winter Blues

The middle of the winter season always leaves us with a lethargic feeling. Blame it on the cold, the gloomy skies, or the fact that it’s just too tempting to stay in bed all day doing nothing. But why should any of that put a damper on your spirits? This season is the perfect excuse to whip up a storm in the kitchen, or to dress to the nines with fab winter fashion—winter blues be damned.

Keeping Wrinkles Away

Store Spotlight: Affordable Comfort with Payless ShoesIt’s one thing to age inevitably, but it’s another to age elegantly. Wrinkles, love them or not, are all part of life as we grow old and more mature. Despite that fact, we shouldn’t rue the day at the first sign of fine lines. With these tips on how to handle wrinkles like a pro, you’ll never have to worry about growing old and wrinkly ever again.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

The Perfect Engagement RingThe setting: romantic and intimate. The man: down on one knee. The little box in his hand opens, and in it is the dazzling diamond she has been waiting all her life. Nothing makes a woman happier than to see the love in the eyes of her fiancé as he proposes to her, but when it comes to getting engaged, we all know that nobody can resist the perfect diamond ring. Here’s a handy guide on how to choose and pick out the best engagement ring for that very special occasion. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Give the Gift of Experience This Christmas

Give the Gift of Experience This ChristmasLong lines, overcrowded shopping malls, and the biggest discounts of the year can only mean one thing—Christmas is finally here. While the season certainly calls for boxed gifts in shiny new wrappers, the best gift you can give this Christmas is the gift of some good ol’ bonding. Whether it’s spending some quality time at home or making memories with your friends out in the city, we’ve got you covered with the best deals that will make this Christmas a season to remember.

Store Spotlight: Citrus Goodness with Hale Groves

Citrus Goodness with Hale GrovesThe undying fruit basket is one gift that never grows old, whether it’s for congratulating a friend for a job well done, or simply showing a loved one how much he or she means to you. Thanks to Steve Hale, Jr. falling in love with the delicious sweetness of Florida oranges and grapefruit, we can now send the same delectable fruits to our friends and family all over the world. In the heart of the Indian River Citrus Belt lies Vero Beach, home to the initially small fruit stand where Steve Hale, Jr. began his journey of packing fruit. Now, Hale Groves is one of the most renowned suppliers of the richest and juiciest fruits in the globe. Just what is it that makes this gastronomic treat such a delight?