The Clueless Consumer’s Guide to Buying the Right Printer

Guide to Buying the Right PrinterWhen it comes to printers, the wide variety of choices in the market makes it difficult for the clueless consumer to choose the best one that suits him. With the saturation of printers out there today, from different types and features to various functions and designs, how do you decide which one to buy? It’s important to know the features of printers, the types that you should be aware of, and the kind of personality and lifestyle that you have. What will you be using your printer for? Is it to print office documents, or to create hard copies of colorful photo masterpieces? With a little help from our handy guide, you can easily pick one that you’ll be happy and satisfied with for a long, long time.

Features of Printers. Aside from the fact that your printer should be able to, of course, print, there are other features that you can check when purchasing one for yourself. Printers can usually be connected to desktops using USB or Ethernet ports in an office network setup. These days, however, it’s also a big plus if your printer is Wi-Fi enabled, so that computers in an area can share in the use of the printer. Even mobile devices can benefit from Wi-Fi printers, as simple apps can help you print out any document or picture from your phone or tablet.

Guide to Buying the Right PrinterThe capability of a printer to handle paper volumes is also a factor. If you print out a lot of papers daily, you might want to consider getting a model that minimizes the need to keep loading paper onto the tray. You can choose the capacity of your printer, whether you want it to hold 100 sheets or 500 sheets at a time. LCD displays can be useful as well when you want to check the status of your printing project, regardless if it’s to show you which page you’re printing or to warn you if there’s an error in your print. It’s always better to have a display compared to just having corresponding blinking lights, just like this Canon SELPHY CP910 (White) Wireless Color Inkjet Printer from Newegg at 5% Off. It can surely make your printing needs easier along with its wireless compatibility and mobile device printing support.

Types to look for. Laser printers are fast, sharp, and cost less per page. Because monochrome laser printers are light on the budget, they’re best used for text printing and simple black and white designs. Colored laser printers are also considerably less expensive than inkjet ones, but are best used for colored spreadsheets or even fliers. On the other hand, if you want to print rich and vibrant photos in full color, inkjet printers are the way to go. With the extremely high quality and higher cost per page, the price for an inkjet printer can be anywhere between $100 to $800, with pricier ink cartridges and specialty paper sheets. Inkjet printers also print more slowly than laser printers.

Guide to Buying the Right PrinterNowadays, multi-function printers are making waves with home users because of their all-in-one functionalities. Most units are printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines all at the same time. Some even have PictBridge USB connections that can let you print directly from digital cameras and storage cards. While some users believe that all-in-one printers are not as heavy duty as their single-function counterparts, others still enjoy the usability they bring. Just like the Brother MFC MFC-J245 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - Color - Plain Paper Print - Desktop - Copier/Fax/Printer/Scanner from, you’ll get everything you need in just one sitting.

Finding the best one for you. Now that you know what to look for in a printer, it’s time to know what’s best for you. If you’re a simple home user, you’re going to need your printer for documents, reports, newsletters, and sometimes a photo or two. It’s best to pick one that won’t cost you too much, either, as personal use is often less demanding than professional use. A small color inkjet should do the trick. For students, you’ll need a text-heavy machine that’s fast, economical, and cost-effective. A personal laser printer will help you submit report after report without using up your allowance. You can also get yourself a multifunction printer so that you can make copies, scan, and fax essays and projects with ease.

Guide to Buying the Right PrinterSmall businesses need networking and Wi-Fi functionalities for computer sharing when printing. You should also invest in a printer that lets you do auto-duplexing so that you can save up on paper by using both sides without having to manually load and reload sheets. As for the professional graphic designer or photographer, you’re going to need one that’s photofinishing-intensive, with accurate colors and a wide range of color management options. The powerful HP Designjet T120 24-in ePrinter has a “A4/Letter to A1/D using the A3/B+ tray and 24-inch (610-mm) wide front-loading media roll” that will make it easier for any professional to produce high quality prints along with web connectivity for mobile printing. has more printers you can choose from with $125 Off, $175 Off, and even as much as $250 Off Coupons.

When picking out the right printer, remember to consider the cost of inks, cartridges, toner, and paper. Will these be readily available to you once you get your printer? Will you have a good space for the printer at home or in the office? When you’ve made up your mind, head on over to and shop away!