Basic and Practical Apparel for Little Kids

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little KidsOne of the incredible joys of parenthood is getting to dress up your little baby in the most adorable outfits and getups for all occasions. Sure, it’s easy when your baby is just a cute little bundle of joy who will pretty much let you dress him or her up in anything your heart desires, but when the toddler grows and becomes a little child, it gets harder and harder to get the right size and style that they won’t outgrow in a heartbeat. Fret not—from sizes to styles to smart money-saving tips, this guide will keep your head in the game when it comes to your kids’ apparel.

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little KidsSmart Clothes for Babies. For newborns and infants, it’s safe to stay on the bigger side of sizes to make sure your baby fits comfortably. Cotton always lasts long and is easy to maintain. If the weather is hot and humid, keep your baby’s clothes loose and breathable to keep rashes at bay. When it’s winter, mittens, warm socks, and hats are a must. Remember that when you’re shopping, it’s best to keep your tags on just in case you need to return an item if it doesn’t fit. As for their footwear, OLLY Shoes has a wide variety of choices for your little one, no matter what the occasion. May it be athletic gear, casual shoes, booties, Crocs, and even flip-flops, OLLY Shoes has it all along with a Free Shipping on Orders $75+ coupon.

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little KidsPractical Children’s Fashion. The thing with children is that they grow up so fast and they unfortunately outgrow their clothes faster than you can say “growth spurt”. On top of that, your kids by now have developed their own personalities and styles, so it becomes impossible to dress your little girl in warm tights when all she wants to wear is a dress that makes her look like Barbie. In this case, it’s all about compromise. Know what your kids like—or better yet, ask them. When you know what their preferred styles are, look for similar ones that are practical at the same time. For instance, is your little boy all about the cars? Get him some basic shirts, sleepwear, and even undies that feature Lightning McQueen from Cars. You can even score some great finds like this locomotive-inspired Short Sleeve Trucks Pajama Set sleepwear from Hartstrings. Be careful not to go overboard, though, because kids also change their tastes in a snap. Make sure you still get plain clothes and jeans for those days when they just don’t feel too character-y. It’s also smart to buy the slightly bigger sizes to make sure they can still wear the outfits when they grow a tad taller.

Basic and Practical Apparel for Little KidsOverall Tips and Tricks. When you’re buying clothes for your little rascals, remember that size matters. Buy a size or two up when purchasing swimwear as these tend to run small. The same is true for snug sleepwear. Also, don’t confuse toddler sizes with child sizes. When the label says “3”, it’s for a three-year-old child, while a label that says “3T” is for a toddler. This spells a huge difference because while toddler sizes often have extra room at the bottom for diapers, child sizes tend to be narrower. Especially if you have an active child, it might be a good idea to invest in “play clothes”. For trips to the park, playing with their bikes, and rolling around in the sand at the beach, it’s best to get value-for-money basics like jeans and simple shirts that are durable and easy to maintain and wash. These Colored Denim Bermuda Shorts from Justice & Brothers come at a clearance price and an additional 40% Off coupon to give your child as much fun as he or she wants without worrying about destroying their outfits.

Whatever you decide to buy for your child, remember that the joy is in getting to dress up your little one in outfits that are practical and posh. After all, your child deserves only the best!