The Perfect Engagement Ring

The Perfect Engagement RingThe setting: romantic and intimate. The man: down on one knee. The little box in his hand opens, and in it is the dazzling diamond she has been waiting all her life. Nothing makes a woman happier than to see the love in the eyes of her fiancé as he proposes to her, but when it comes to getting engaged, we all know that nobody can resist the perfect diamond ring. Here’s a handy guide on how to choose and pick out the best engagement ring for that very special occasion. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

The Four Cs. Everyone wants a diamond ring that can be shown off to friends, and to pick the best one, you need to know about the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. The Cut, commonly misconceived as the diamond shape, actually refers to the proportions and the angles of the jewel. Depending on the skill of the cutter, a good cut should reflect and project light in the best possible way to give the diamond its sparkle and luster. This fiery brilliance is what most consider the most important of all the Cs. Be careful not to choose a diamond with a cut that’s too shallow that causes the light to refract and escape through the bottom part of the diamond. It’s not wise to get a very deep cut either, as this refracts the light in such a way that it passes through the facet and lets it escape through the bottom as well.

The Perfect Engagement RingThe Color can range from colorless to a tinge of light yellow. When a diamond is truly colorless, it becomes rare and more expensive. Still, this is a matter of preference depending on each person’s specific taste. As for the Clarity, a diamond has more value when the imperfections and “inclusions”—which are tiny fractures and other minerals in the stone—are few. It’s okay to find a diamond graded with a scale of about SI1 and SI2. Just make sure that the inclusions are not on top or in the middle of the diamond because this will lessen its brilliance. SuperJeweler features a sale price for its ½ Ct 14k White Gold Engagement Ring that has a SI1-SI2 clarity. You can’t go wrong with its 90% Off, either.

The Perfect Engagement RingCarat is the diamond’s weight. Of course, the heavier the diamond, the more costly it becomes. You can check the Gemological Institute of America Inc or GIA for the right carat scale, but when it comes to carat, you can choose a gorgeous diamond even if the carat is not overly expensive. It all depends on a good jeweler, which is what Netaya offers. Its stunning collection of rings have been making brides happy since 1999 because of the quality, just like this 1.50ct TDW Round 5-Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring in 18k White Gold. This even includes a certificate of color, clarity and authenticity from Independent Gemological Laboratories or IGL. You can get 80% Off Wedding Rings as well.

Shape and Settings. There are many diamond shapes depending on your tastes. You can choose the square princess shape, the pear, the heart, the oval, or the classic and timeless round diamond. The way the diamond is placed on the ring is called the setting. The classic tiffany setting is generally most common, with the diamond protruding from a simple band. The Eternity band, on the other hand, features many diamonds placed around the whole ring. The Bezel setting holds a diamond more protectively and securely, because the metal rim encloses upon the sides of the diamond. This is best for active lifestyles and those who like to keep a low profile.

The Perfect Engagement RingAs for the ring itself, platinum bands are heavily resistant to damage and have the highest purity level. Being the strongest precious metal, it does not wear away and is even hypoallergenic. In turn, of course, platinum is extremely expensive. 18k gold is a good classic alternative, as it is softer and more malleable and is easy to polish up and repair if it gets damaged. It is resistant to tarnishing and rust. A less expensive option is to go for 14k gold, as it can be worn longer because of its strength and hardness. This 1 Carat Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring from ICE.comis easy on the budget to pop the question with a luxurious and it has a long-lasting platinum band.

Summing up the engagement. Now that you now all about finding the perfect diamond ring, it’s time to plan the actual engagement. One big factor to consider is, of course, the ring size. There are different ways that you can measure ring sizes, whether it’s online using ring charts or at an actual ring store. This can be quite a challenge when the engagement is supposed to be a surprise, but borrowing a woman’s ring to determine her ring size is always a good idea. You can also never go wrong with enlisting the help of friends. Never underestimate the power of sneaky stealth from your loved ones.

The Perfect Engagement RingMy Jewelry Box knows just what you need with its 20% Off Diamond Engagement Ring coupons that you can use to pick from different choices such as the Diamond Engagement Ring 1.0 Carat (ctw) in 14K Yellow Gold (Certified). As for the budget, it’s a common belief that a man should spend about two month’s salary to get the perfect engagement ring. While this is a public practice, the budget of the ring is entirely up to you. Nobody wants to go broke on a single piece of stone, but nobody wants a cheap finger adornment, either. Remember that whatever you decide to choose, it’s the love that will bind a couple forever that’s truly important.