Store Spotlight: David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a Delight

They say that momma’s cookies are always the best, but what if that same home-baked freshness was brought to you by none other than David’s Cookies?

David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a DelightWhen did it all begin? Flashback to 1979: boutique cookie stores lined the West Coast and nobody could take one step without smelling the fragrant aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air. This is when David Liederman, rising New York chef, began his quest to bring his oven fresh and adorably shaped cookies to Manhattan passersby. The generous chunks of chocolate and the finest ingredients made his creations an instant hit, especially the worldwide bestselling cookie tins. The Fresh Baked Cookies 2-lb. Tin in Assorted Flavors comes at $33.95 and free shipping, which is an amazing steal considering the scrumptious treat has no added preservatives and is the perfect gift for any office team.

David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a DelightNow the leading online provider of fresh cookies on the Web, David’s Cookies features mini cheesecake collections, cookie gift baskets, and even giant message cookies. Along with its expansion is its growing dedication to serving only the most unique gifts for any occasion. Where else can you find a Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Cookie Cake with a 10-inch diameter and four pounds of sinfully delectable goodness? The giant Deep Dish Cookie is made complete with Hershey's Mini Kisses and chocolate ganache to serve up to 14 people at any party.

David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a DelightWhy do people love David’s? Sure, anyone can bake a cookie and start selling in the streets. But what sets David’s Cookies apart from all the other bakeries out there is that the company knows how to please the crowd. It doesn’t matter if it’s Thanksgiving, Graduation, Hannukah, or even a regular get-together “just because”—David’s Cookies has everything from gift baskets to gourmet cheesecakes with unique flavors that keep customers coming back for more each time. A big plus is that David’s has everything for everyone, including Play Cookie Dough for youngsters who are aspiring bakers and chefs. The Play Cookie Dough - Set of Two features 5.5lbs of edible cookie dough in the brightest colors imaginable. Mellow Mood Yellow, Too Blue 4 You, Red All Over and Jelly Bean Green can keep kids busy mixing and matching until they find the perfect blend that best reflects their personalities and their taste buds at the same time.

With 100% Customer Satisfaction, David’s Cookies guarantees to reship items for disgruntled customers or fully refund total order values within 30 days. Of course, to make sure that you get only the best taste, gobble up those goods within 48 hours for maximum freshness. For cakes and tarts, you can store them for three to four days in the fridge. But if you want to get baking and create your own masterpiece, you can get yourself some of David’s famous frozen cookie dough that will last in your freezer for up to a year. The Preformed Frozen Cookie Dough comes at $42.95 for two 43-oz. boxes, plus a 10% Off Sitewide coupon, too. Isn’t time you started getting busy in the kitchen with these?

David’s Cookies – Where Every Bite is a DelightWhat else can David’s offer? What makes each cookie special is how it’s baked. To make sure that every bite counts, why not host a fundraiser with David’s Cookies? Made with generosity and love, these cookies can be sold to raise funds for any cause. With David’s as the perfect profit center for your team, you can surely make the world a better place with every cookie. With the variety of flavors available, it is easy to scoop and bake 96 1-oz. cookies for any urgent cookie event. You can also host your cause with some Thaw and Serve Rocky Road Brownies in 26-oz. portions. There are no “secret brownie ingredients” here—just heaps of chocolate goodness made with David’s Cookies signature taste.

Now that you know what David’s Cookies are all about, is there any reason why you shouldn’t grab yourself some of these mouthwatering delights right now?