Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Together

Forget the boring roses, the overhyped chocolates, and the giant teddy bears that will eventually take up unnecessary space in your house. They say Valentine’s Day is overrated, but who says you need to go with the flow? When it comes to expressing your feelings for your loved ones on this very special occasion, here’s how you can skip the tacky gifts and get creative.

Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day TogetherFor the Young Couple. There is nothing more exciting than young love. Electricity is everywhere, and you both just can’t get enough of each other. Instead of going with the typical dozen roses or the overpriced chocolate hearts, why not give the gift of bonding instead? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to be even more intimate with your loved one, and what better way to do that than by going on a romantic getaway, just the two of you? Whether it’s the sun, sand, and sea you’re after or the quiet intimacy of a remote cabin in the woods, you can get any deal from Priceline at incredible discounts such as $1000 Off and $500 Off Vacation Packages. Better yet, you can get a 3-Night Bahamas Cruise Package from the Norwegian Cruise Line. Who can resist a romantic sunset cruise to a tropical paradise?

Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day TogetherAnother wonderful thing about young love is that you’re both full of energy and life. If you’re the sporty kind and you just can’t imagine a date without some form of physical activity, you can go rock climbing, biking, or roller skating together. You can even go running—the great thing about it is that you can both get fit and happy without even spending a cent. Just head on over to the park and get going! Still, if you prefer to chill out and just be as lazy as you can be, there’s always the foolproof couple’s massage. You can’t go wrong with a rejuvenating spa day together. With 80% Off Select Last Minute Deals from SpaFinder, you can get pampered from scrubs, Shiatsu massages, acupressure sessions, and aromatherapy experiences towards your and your beloved’s complete well-being.

Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day TogetherFor the Married Pair. Who says married couples can’t have the same fiery romance as the youth do? Whether you’ve been together for two years or twenty years, you will always get a kick out of reenacting your very first date. Look back and reminisce fondly about the day you first went out together, and do it all over again. Was it in a fancy restaurant downtown? Or did you spend the day at an amusement park like giddy little children? Head on over to Restaurant.com to check the best spots for romantic candlelit dinners and great deals like $25 Gift Certificates for $4.75 coupons. Whatever the experience was, relive it and pull out all the stops. Dress up, get primped, look your hottest. This is guaranteed to bring back those butterflies and sparks you both felt when you first realized you were in love.

Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine's Day TogetherIf you’re at home and you both just can’t squeeze in some free time between work and the kids, then you can still spice up the romance with the simplest household things. Surprise your spouse with little Post-Its in the mirror or the fridge. List down all the reasons that you love him or her. Do your partner’s chores for the day, or simply delight him or her with a passionate and heartfelt kiss first thing in the morning. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can show how much you love your spouse by cooking up their favorite dish in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong with the healthy goodness of the recipes from Vitalicious.com. Go ahead—pop some heart-healthy fiber in the oven with the Free 6 VitaTops Coupon.

When it comes to the day of hearts, remember that you can express your love not only for your significant other but also for your family and friends. You can take your kids out for a picnic, or have a movie marathon with your best pals. It doesn’t have to be all about the Hallmark cards and the paper hearts. What’s essential is your presence for your loved ones, because at the end of the day, that’s the one thing that matters the most.